Our mission

OCREV S.r.l. is known throughout the world in the transformer market and concentrates its production in 3 factories located in the Province of Vicenza, for a total of more than 13,400 sqm.

The experience accumulated over the years and the know-how typical of a company in which the passion for the sector has been handed down for generations represent the true added value of the products that OCREV manufactures.

Furthermore, thanks to years of experience, we have been able to expand the production range by developing new cutting-edge solutions.

Our production includes:

  • Liquid distribution transformers from 50 up to 3150 kVA – with insulation level up to 36 kV
  • Wet-filled power transformers up to 40 MVA – with insulation level up to 170 kV
  • Cast resin transformers up to 20 MVA – with insulation level up to 36 kV
  • Explosion-proof transformers for special sites such as refineries, mines, chemical industries, etc.
  • Special Units

We manufacture both standard transformers and special units designed and produced according to specific customer requests.

Moreover, we at OCREV have made safety a central point of our production process, thus creating a test room where we carry out customized checks on all our transformers.

The test room is also equipped for impulse tests up to 750 kV (for transformers up to 145 kV insulation class).

All three factories work according to the ISO 9001:2015Certified Quality System: 2015 and there is an Integrated Management, Environmental and Occupational Safety System, which is ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified.

Our Mission

  • Providing customers with quality products that fully meet their needs.
  • Employing our know-how by researching, developing and implementing our processes.
  • Accompanying the customer and advising it in all phases of the purchasing process.
  • Searching for new challenges around the world to be able to challenge ourselves and improve continuously.

Our history


OCREV S.r.l. was established in Valdagno (VI) in 1922 as a workshop for the repair and reconditioning of generators, electric motors and transformers managed by Mr. Pietro Tovo. It will then begin to work in the transformer sector almost forty years later.


In 1960, the company was managed by his son Giovanni, who, after working for years at his father’s workshop, decided to start a new adventure, thus adding the reconditioning business also the manufacture of new transformers.

The company headquarters are then moved from Valdagno to the new plant in Brogliano (VI). The company continues to expand over the years and needs more production space.


In the 1970s, following the increase in manufacturing, the carpentry was moved to a larger plant, located in Cornedo Vicentino (VI).


The current headquarters in Castelgomberto were built in the 1990s, a new production space where the Administration and Sales Departments, the Technical Department, the Test Room, the Final Assembly and Shipping Department were also transferred.

The manufacture of windings and other components for both resin transformers and dielectric liquid transformers remains in the Brogliano plant.


OCREV S.r.l. is today one of the best known and most competitive Italian companies among those manufacturers of transformers, capable of designing, developing, producing and testing different types of transformers: in dielectric liquid (mineral, silicone, vegetable oil) as well as those resin insulated.

The passion for our work combined with years of experience on the market and the satisfaction of our customers all over the world have allowed us to design and manufacture transformers for any type of application, such as, for example, distribution, power, conversion, marine, land, explosion-proof ones for mines and off-shore.

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