Who we are

OCREV S.r.l. is known throughout the world in the transformer market and manufactures its products in 3 factories, all located in the Province of Vicenza.

The long experience and the number of satisfied customers all over the world allow our company to continue developdesign and test transformers isolated in dielectric liquid (mineral oil, vegetable or synthetic ester, silicone) or in resin, for multiple applications such as conversion, transmission of electricityoff-shoreexplosion-proof devices.

All 3 factories work according to an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality System and an Integrated Management, Environmental and Occupational Safety System, which is ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified.

Our total green project

At Ocrev, we pay special attention to the sustainability of our production and, for this reason, we manufacture low consumption transformers that allow minimizing energy waste.

Furthermore, today our offices are powered by 65% by self-produced solar energy and we aim at covering our total energy needs in this way within a year.

Our products

Cast-resin and H class dry-type transformers
Cast-resin and H class dry-type transformers
Power and distribution oil filled transformers
Power and distribution oil filled transformers
Explosion-proof transformers and special units
Explosion-proof transformers and special units
Special Units
Special Units

Why to choose Ocrev?

Over 100 years of experience
High customization capacity
Attention to the environment
Strong application skills
We follow the customer from design to installation
Strongly specialized in consultancy

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